About Us

Megan Woram is currently a sophomore at the University of Oregon. She is majoring in Advertising and minoring in Multi-Media. She was initially a business major, but transferred to the journalism school (thankfully!). In the business school there was no room for creativity or innovation, which is just one of many reasons why she transferred to the journalism school. She loves Duck football and hopes to uncover the financial details behind those great football uniforms.

Franklin Bains is a second-year Journalism student at the University of Oregon. Graduating in 2008 from Madison High School in northeast Portland with a 4 year commitment to the speech and debate team and 3 years in the theatre program, Franklin has a strong interest in words and their influence in society. Currently, he is majoring in Journalism: News Editorial with a minor in Communication Studies and doing general  education in the Robert D. Clark Honors College. He enjoys Duck sports of most varieties and thus has an interesting take on the topic at hand.

Dong Ha Kim, a student member of Knight Time at UO in J207 course, is an international student from South Korea. He is now a Junior majoring in Advertising at the University of Oregon. He came to the United States to study Journalism. In his country, not all the universities have a corporate sponsorship, but some have corporate sponsorships and good relationships between them. He will get more details with the members about this topic this term.

Ana Baarstad is a sophomore at the UO. She is Public Relations and Political Science major. With this course she hopes to finalize her decision of where she will go in Journalism. While managing school she finds time to hold the position as VP Education in Alpha Chi Omega. Along with her position she still finds time be active in the Eugene community. Ana finds a deep interest in what events are occurring on campus, including corporate sponsorship.

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  1. Interesting topic for a blog.

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