Oregon Golf

No.1 Nationally Ranked Team

Ana Baarstad

The Oregon golf team took away the no.1 national rating at the Pac-10 Championships just three weeks ago. Lead by the team’s two top players, Daniel Miernicki and Isaiah Telles, this was the Ducks’ first regional championship. Next week, Coach Casey Martin will take the team to The Honors Course in Chattanooga, Tennessee where the Ducks will move on to play in the 2010 NCAA Men’s Golf Championships. According to goducks.com, the golf team played more extraordinary than was expected. “I’m so proud of this team,” Martin said about his nationally ranked team. “To win by that kind of margin against this field is just incredible.

 It is easy to see that the University of Oregon golf team is exceptional and has made it very far this year. Yet, how many of the students, faculty, and alum know of their excellence? University of Oregon is a school where athletics takes a priority, clearly illustrated by its affiliation with major-sponsor, Nike. However, looking at the nationally ranked golf team, the famous Nike Swoosh is not emblazoned anywhere on their jerseys as it is with many other Oregon sports. Take the Oregon Football team; looking at their uniforms the Nike Swoosh is clearly shown on the players’ jerseys, pants, arm bands, helmets, and shoes. Though the football team is another exceptional playing team at the University, the team went away with five arrests in the first months of 2010. Though the golf team has benefited from Nike’s sponsorship with the newly built John E. Jaqua Center and all the other advantages of Oregon athletics, it is clear to see that their benefits do not run as high as the football or basketball teams. Phil Knight and Nike have donated multiple training and playing facilities to the football and basketball teams, however the University of Oregon still does not have a course or any such facilities that the golf team can use for their own training. From the Oregon football team’s arrests to the Tiger Woods incident, the past few months have shown that Nike undoubtedly has the right to choose who they fund and sponsor yet clearly the only way to get Nike’s attention is through public scandal rather than athletic excellence.



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