App Sketch

Our target audience is University of Oregon students, faculty, staff, alumni and anyone who is interested in Nike’s presence at the U of O. We aim to make our app easy to navigate and fun to use. We designed our app with four general tabs that direct the user to four different areas. The Nike Tab redirects the user to the Nike website and store. The University of Oregon tab takes the user to Ducks’ sports news. The third tab is a University of Oregon and Nike hybrid that takes the user to a page which displays all articles in which Nike and the U of O are mentioned together. A fourth tab takes the user to our blog, Knight Time at UO. An RSS feed from the listed websites will provide information for the app.
We chose our app concept in hopes of educating readers about how influential Nike is on campus. This app will keep audiences informed on our topic, the imbalance between academics and athletics on campus, long after the term is over. The Nike-University of Oregon hybrid tab will keep our readers up to date with the Nike and University of Oregon alliance. We included a link to our blog because it contains key information about the academic and athletic imbalance on campus. We want our readers to be able to quickly reference the information on our blog and relate that to Nike and University of Oregon news.


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