Runners in Oregon History

Runners in Oregon History

By Dong-Ha Kim

Both Oregon and the University of Oregon are well known to have great athletes who have accomplished their goals either by themselves or with the aid from the university. These athletes represent Oregon, the track and field legacy. Also, those athletes are proved and known as the legends in this field among the viewers. The following are a number of athletes who wouldn’t be forgotten.

-Kenny Moore has run the track at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, which helped the Ducks be more proud and wrote a book as a sports writer as well.

-Steve Prefontaine was another great runner who had shown a great spirit at Hayward field with a great record annually during his career (1971-75).

-Alberto Salazar is a remarkable distance runner of the Oregon Ducks. He won three American-records in the marathon and two National Cross Country Championships. He currently coaches the members of the Nike Oregon Project.

These athletes can simply be said to be the makers of milestones. People, including the track athletes, in Oregon were and even now proud of their efforts and results. Oregon’s long-lasting lead in the track and field athletes, needless to say, has span among the generations and disciplines.

The good news is that John E. Jaqua Center for Student Athletes was recently built in the University of Oregon campus in 2010. This means that it became more obvious that athlete students in the University of Oregon can have a greater chance to attain their goals to be the previous generations (Kenny Moore, and Steve Prefontaine, etc.), who have made a big success. There is a great connection between the University of Oregon and Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, and this connection, of course, would be able to generate great athletes continuously.

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