Backlash Over Tiger Woods’ Nike Commercial

by Megan Woram

Nike has been a huge sponsor of Tiger Woods since the two engaged in a deal worth a reported $105 million in 2000. The mega-million dollar deal was an extension of a 1996 deal between the two parties. Tiger wears Nike apparel at every golf tournament, and even in commercials for his other sponsors.  Nike also makes sure that their notable Swoosh is visible in all Tiger’s print and television ads.   Nike’s Tiger sponsorship is considered one of the biggest endorsements in history.

All eyes were on the endorsement powerhouse when Tiger’s scandals of infidelity broke in late 2009. America wondered whether Nike would stand by Tiger or drop him like many of his other sponsors did when the scandal broke. Nike’s bold move of standing by the golf champion sparked controversy and outrage over Nike’s lack of consequences for Tiger’s actions.

Just when the dust settled about Nike standing by Woods, controversy was again sparked over Tiger’s recently released Nike commercial. The commercial is in black and white and features Tiger staring at the camera (Nike gear in full view) while his deceased father’s voice plays over the commercial praising his son. The ad bluntly alludes to Tiger’s recent infidelities and reignited the controversy over the Nike-Tiger endorsement.

What do YOU think about Tiger’s Nike commercial?

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