Blogroll Analysis

Each of the four members of our group brought ten distinctly different blog links. Ana supplied links that concerned Nike’s corporate sponsorship. Franklin contributed blogs about UO sports and sponsorship. Megan provided blogs about the benefits of corporate sponsorship. Dong-Ha supplied links that provided a variety corporations and their sponsorships. The wide variety of links is very beneficial to our understanding of the topic. Being exposed to different issues around our topic will deepen our knowledge of our topic.

Megan’s links will help readers understand how exactly corporate sponsorships work. She provided a blog that discussed what exactly corporate sponsorship is. This blog is important because defining and understanding the definition of your topic is the key to clearly writing about a topic. The author of the blog also differentiates between corporate sponsorship and charitable donations. We hope that this blog will help to clarify exactly what corporate sponsorship is. Megan also supplied a blog that detailed the benefits of Phil Knight’s financial donations to the University of Oregon athletic department. The blog details how Phil Knight’s donations have completely transformed the UO’s athletic department into an outstanding athletic program. This sheds light on the question that our blog is asking: Why does Phil Knight donate so much money to the athletic department and not to educational departments? If Knight donated to the educational departments, would our educational departments be transformed into outstanding programs as well?

The links that Dong-Ha provided have some general information as to the sports sponsorships and agencies that are working for their sponsorships. We believe that the IEG sponsorship website can show and prove how one sports agency deals with a lot of brands, non-profit organizations, and events. Along with this website, would help blog readers or people, who are interested in sports sponsorships, understand better by informing some news, events, or products that are related to the sponsorships. These websites together would give our group knowledge and structure of how the University of Oregon is impacted by its Nike sponsorships.

When Franklin was looking for blogs to link to, his objective was to find other people talking about Oregon sports and the impact of Phil Knight on that. The hope in his links is to illuminate the larger situation present in the state of Oregon sports in general. In some cases, the blogs where Oregon sports stories were found cover sports in general, however even in this, we hope you will be informed on the state of sports today. The ultimate goal of course is to produce a feel for corporate sponsorship’s influence in the university system, and being provided with national collegiate sports news helps with that.

And finally, Ana’s blog links gave a broad picture of the corporate experience. Through the PR faces of both Nike and the university, there is a clear portrait of the issue we are addressing with this blog. She also brings to the fore a news aggregator in the form of Duck Sports News which offers fans of Oregon sports a wide collection of news and opinion on our beloved Ducks.

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